Chirimen Fabric Passport Case

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Minimum quantity for "Chirimen Fabric Passport Case" is 20.

Vivid Japanese patterned Passport Case with auspicious frog clasp of meaning coming back safely ("Kaeru" means "Frog" and also means "Comes Back "in Japanese) 
The fabric is made of the Chirimen crepe fabricated Rayon.
Rayon is similar to Silk, which is the Kimono's high-grade material, in its sheen and texture.
Elegant Kimono-like texture.
Set of 20pcs., an assortment of varied patterns.
*The fabric pattern on the image is just a sample and may differ from your order to be sent.
Please note in advance that the pattern assortment products are not able to be chosen by their fabric patterns.

Shipment timing: Ship out within 7 days after receiving the order, when in stock
Weight: (approx.) 35 g
Product size (length, width, depth): (approx.) 13.5 X 10 X thickness 1 cm
Color: Assort
Material: Rayon Chirimen Crepe Fabric
Country of origin: Japan