Tote Bag - Wind Fan

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Minimum quantity for "Tote Bag - Wind Fan" is 5.

Japanese style Tote Bag made of Tatami and Kimono Obi.
Small bag but given priority to its design and silhouette.
Each item is a one-of-a-kind handmade item.
*Natural rush grass (Igusa) is weak to rain, especially to acid rain.
Wipe the goods before dried up when it gets wet.
The pattern of Obi on the image is just a sample and may differ from your order to be sent.
Note in advance that the pattern is not able to be chosen.

Shipment timing: Production within 1 month after receipt of order
Weight: (approx.) 235 g
Product size (length, width, depth): (approx.) 180 x 310 x 60 mm
Color: Green
Material: Natural rush grass (Igusa), Tatami Edge Belt, Kimono Obi belt, Protector
Country of origin: Japan