"Kofuroshiki" Large Handkerchief -String

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Minimum quantity for ""Kofuroshiki" Large Handkerchief -String" is 30.

Bandana-sized Wrapping Cloth, which can be used as a handkerchief, placemat, gift wrapping, and fashion accent, etc. Useful in various ways.
String is the symbol of connection, relationship, and fate.
The colorful chrysanthemum, "ume" (Japanese apricot) blossom, and peony are vivid and beautiful.
The 100% cotton absorbent fabric is Chirimen-crepe-like embossed to be wrinkle-resistant and useful for carrying.

Shipment timing: Ship out within 7 days after receiving the order, when in stock
Weight: (approx.) 35 g
Product size (length, width, depth): (approx.) 54 x 54 cm
Color: String (Red)
Material: Embossed Cotton (Chirimen Crepe Fabric Texture)
Country of origin: Japan

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