Tatami surface Craft Mat

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Minimum quantity for "Tatami surface Craft Mat" is 20.

Japanese traditional chic "Ai" indigo-blue colored Kofu and Tatami Adorn suits to any interior, Flower Vases and so on.
"Kofu" originally means Vintage fabric in Japanese. It has been made out of natural fibers and has been used for Kimono clothing as well as Accessories and interiors for hundreds of years in Japan.
The mat is an elegant interior item with "Kofu" which has been used for a long time in Japanese life.
*Vintage Fabric is a different design one by one.

Shipment timing: Ship out within 7 days after receiving the order, when in stock
Weight: (approx.) 100 g
Product size (length, width, depth): (approx.) 41 x 19 cm
Color: Ai Indigo Blue
Material: 100% Rush Grass, "Ai" indigo dye cloth ("Kofu" Vintage Fabric), Piping tape
Country of origin: Japan