"Ajiro" woven Tatami Mat for Flower Vases

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Minimum quantity for ""Ajiro" woven Tatami Mat for Flower Vases" is 15.

Fresh Ai indigo blue edge is suiting for Tatami Mats woven vertically and horizontally. This Mat beautifies small Flower Vases and your Home Furniture.
"Ajiro" is a Japanese traditional technique that alternately weaves thin layers of bamboo or wood. Tatami ribbons are alternately weaved for Ajiro design.
*Vintage Fabric is a different design one by one.

Shipment timing: Ship out within 7 days after receiving the order, when in stock
Weight: (approx.) 25 g
Product size (length, width, depth): (approx.) 16 x 16 cm
Color: Ai Indigo Blue
Material: 100% Rush Grass, "Ai" indigo dye cloth, Piping tape
Country of origin: Japan